About me

I have 5 years experience in utilising computational and data-driven methods within the defence sector. My knowledge lies at the intersection of Mathematics, Computing, Statistics, and Electronics. I'm currently studying for a Msc in Computational Applied Mathematics at University of Edinburgh. Recently, I obtained a BSc in Mathematics, with a specific focus on its practical applications in Statistics, Modelling and Computer Science.

During my time as an Advance Engineering Apprentice at BAE Systems, I focused on developing radar system models using MATLAB, creating underwater system performance and Sonar models with C++, Python, and MATLAB. Additionally, I contributed to the implementation of Command and Control, Radar, and Weapons systems.

As a Systems Engineer, my focus has been on designing and implementing Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) specifically tailored for Underwater and Radar Systems. My multifaceted expertise in electronics, programming, and modelling has been instrumental in developing and constructing the essential hardware and software components for various systems.

For my bachelor's thesis, I immersed myself in the field of Mathematical Modelling, particularly analysing the Turing bifurcation phenomena occurring in reaction-diffusion models, using numerical methods. I have also had the privilege of engaging in thought-provoking discussions on these matters with my supervisor D.Avitabile.

My Skills

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    Proficient in: Python, R, Java, C++, C, SQL, and MATLAB.

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    Data Analysis

    Industry experience in data analysis for system performance.

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    Computational Modelling

    Expertise in computer modelling for both industry and academic applications. Adept at using mathematics, programming, and computational tools.

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    Analytical thinking

    Mathematical and statistical background, enabling me to work with numbers and quantitative data proficiently, and effectively handle numerical information.

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    System Engineering

    Qualified in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Computer Assisted Design (CAD) and Manufacturing, and Engineering Operations.

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    Track record of successfully solving complex problems across various domains and collaborating effectively with diverse teams.

Work and Projects

  • thesis

    Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Cellular Cytokinesis

    Bachelor Thesis: I employ a reaction-diffusion model to simulate the spatiotemporal dynamics of the cell cortex during cytokinesis. By varying the model parameters, we systematically explore the parameter space to identify regions where travelling waves arise. The numerical methods utilised allow for the efficient computation and visualisation of the evolving wave patterns.

  • hopf

    Turing-Hopf Bifurcation (Schnakenberg-Model)

    Turing patterns are spatial patterns that emerge in reaction-diffusion systems. To better understand the dynamics I focused on the Schnakenberg system, which is a partial differential equation. By analysing this system, I investigated its unique steady state and derive stability conditions through analytical solutions and then implemented a MATLAB model to compare numerical results.

  • awesomeWM

    Linux - Awesome WM

    This project file showcases my current Awesome Window Manager (WM) customisation project in a GNU/Linux environment, utilising proficiency in UX design, bash scripting, and widget creation (battery, wifi, CPU, RAM) as well as Lua programming to develop a comprehensive and efficient interface, optimising system performance and enhancing user experience.

  • dataWrangling

    Social Media Density Correlated With New Events

    The project goal is to use data wrangling skills learnt through the course and apply them to a data set of our own interest. In this project we look at the density of twitter tweets created in a specific time period to see if there is perhaps a correlation to world events/news. Collected and processed over 200GB of data from Twitter, resulting in the creation of visualisations and a comprehensive report highlighting key insights and trends.



  1. The University of Edinburgh | MSc Computational Applied Mathematics

    2023 — 2024

  2. Vrije Univeriteit | BSc Mathematics

    2019 — 2023

    Thesis: Numerical analysis of Turing Bifurcation in Reaction‑Diffusion models.

  3. Burton and South Derbyshire College | A-Levels

    2011 - 2013

    In Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.


  1. Data Science Project Intern (MSc Dissertation) | Experian


    CaaS (Categorization as a Service). Utilized data mining techniques on real financial transactional data, preformed data cleaning, feature engineering and model evaluation, in order to build a tool for geographical analysis of customer financial behavior.

  2. System Engineer | BAE Systems

    2014 — 2019

    Designed, built and implemented hardware and software for test equipment in regards to Underwater and Radar systems. Rotated through 6 departments, including radar systems, underwater vehicle systems, and Automatic Test Equipment, working with cutting‑edge technologies within highly experienced teams.